Running for puppies

There's not too much that would motivate me to run - cycling, hiking, skiing for sure - but running has never been my thing! So when Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society - AARCS said they were entering a team in the Scotiabank Marathon Charity Challenge for AARCS...I had to decide whether puppies were a good enough reason to put myself through this.

The answer was YES! It turns out, having never had any motivation to run before, running for rescue puppies is the one thing that could make me take up running.


Now for the cold hard facts though. The idea of running for AARCS sounded great in principle but I've never run in a single race like this in my life. Up to 7 weeks ago (when I started training for this) the most I've ever done is probably a 2KM jog with my own puppy (and even then she looks up at me every 10 seconds, hardly even breaking into a jog, with a face that says "is there any reason we're going so slowly!") 


So I know this is going to be tough. Of the options available, I have for some reason (that I'm already starting to regret) opted to run the 10KM race.

In less than 2 weeks time I'm going to try to go from running 2KM with my dog to running 10KM in the Calgary Marathon.

I know we all get asked to sponsor friends and family numerous times each year, and I know you can't sponsor everyone. AARCS have a fundraising goal of $20,000.00 and every donation, no matter the size, will help us get closer to that figure! If you are able to help..the link below should take you straight to my section of the AARCS fundraising page:

Also feel free to tag any runners you know in this post...I need all the inspiration and tips I can get in my final 2 weeks of training!

Thanks for reading (Skye sends you a high five!) and wish me luck ! 


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