Adoption Showcase : Megan's Rescue Efforts Society

A couple of weekends ago I got to spend the morning with the awesome volunteers from Megan's Rescue Efforts Society. If you are not aware of their work, I’d urge you to check out their website. You never know, the next addition to your family might be right there waiting for you.

Megan’s Rescue Efforts Society is a no-kill dog and cat rescue located in Calgary, Alberta.  Started in 2014 they are dedicated to helping animals that are neglected, abused and abandoned. They provide support to the First Nation Communities in our area, helping with vetting, food and rehoming of animals when needed, along with helping with animals across Canada. Fully run by volunteers they are reliant on donations.

We focused on 4 awesome dogs that sunny weekend morning so I’d love to showcase these pups for you in case any might be the perfect fit for your home.


First up was Autumn - she’s a little over 3 years old, around 80 lbs and one gorgeous black lab mix. Megan says “she was transferred to us from a rescue in the Yukon. Autumn is looking for an active home that will get her out for walks or runs everyday. She is a very high energy dog that loves to play fetch all day long. We have now noticed that she is a great swimmer and LOVES the water! She needs a home without cats and other dogs. With some work and training we think she can live with dogs and have dogs friends. She loves to go for walks and is doing amazing meeting dogs on leash.”


Next up - Phoenix. Still just a pup, a little over a year old, he’s a bull mastiff mix and expected to reach as much as 90 lbs when fully grown. Megan says “Phoenix is back in our care after being adopted out as a pup. This is at no fault of his own. His family returned him as they had some concerns with his re-activeness to their other dog and children. After taking him back into our care we realised this was due to his emaciated state. Now that he is being fed high quality food and getting back to a healthy weight we have noticed that he is not as reactive as we were told. He is still insecure around strangers and we are working on proper introductions with dogs. He has a lot of energy but also loves to cuddle up on the couch with you.


He is a very loving happy pup that would make a great addition to a family with dog experience, no young children and willing to work with him.”

Then was Black Beauty. A 2.5 year old, around 55 lbs little shepherd lab mix cute bundle of fur. Megan says “she is from the First Nations Community that we work in. For those of you that know Blue a sweet Lab mix we adopted out a few years ago, this is her daughter. Black Beauty is a sweet girl that loves to be touched and be with people. She is a quieter dog that would like a quiet home. She is medium height at about 18 inches at the shoulder. She just needs someone to love her. “


We saved Memphis until last as I was assured that this energetic beauty was going to be an absolute star for her photoshoot. Needless to say, she did not disappoint! One big cuddly shepherd mix she bounded around like a puppy. She’s around 2.5 years old, around 76lbs of pure excitable energy. Megan says “Memphis is from our G litter of pups. She was recently returned to us as her family was having a hard time keeping up with her shedding and it was starting to effect allergies in the home. She is house and kennel trained but showing some signs of separation anxiety therefore needs a family that is willing to work with her. She is a great walker and makes am amazing jogging partner as per one of our volunteer dog walkers that is a marathon runner. She is good with kids, cats and other dogs. She is working on greeting dogs properly on leash. She has no issues with dogs while on walks but like most dogs does not appreciate it when a dog walks straight into her face and is face to face while on leash, this can cause her to growl.

Her ideal home would not have other dogs and would be a home with minimum people and preferably a male in the home. We find that she is night and day with her anxiety when with men compared to women. She is much calmer with men.” I can confirm that last part. My biggest challenge trying to photograph this beautiful girl was getting her to stop sitting on my lap. As soon as I sat down to focus on her cute face, she took the invitation to come over and sit on me!’

If you would like any more information on any of these awesome pups, please contact Megan and her team through their website (

I put time aside every month to focus on adoption shoots. If you volunteer or run a rescue centre/shelter with dogs that would benefit from a photoshoot to showcase their awesomeness, please feel free to reach out to me.

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