An Illustrated Skye


You’d think that being a dog photographer is just all about playing with puppies. It turns out…running a photography business requires a whole bunch of business type tasks as well. I know, who knew right!



I started this year knowing I wanted to get some incredible illustrations for my website, print materials and branding. I also knew I wanted to shop local and find another small business for the project. I did some research and came across “Art by Robyn Millar”. Right from her first reply to my email, I knew this was going to be a great fit. 


Not only is Robyn’s art beautiful, but she’s also an absolute pleasure to work with. I sent over five of my favourite images I’ve taken of my girl, Skye, and Robyn got to work making me some incredible sketches that I now have framed in my studio, and you’ll find all throughout my website, and on various printed material.


I'll let you search around my website to find as many of Robyn's illustrations as you can.


If you haven’t seen Robyn’s work yet you just have to check her out. I’m all for promoting local businesses when they’re awesome…and Robyn is seriously awesome! She’s a Calgary based artist specialising in pet portraits and custom art, primarily working in acrylic paint but also some mixed media work (such as pen & watercolour, like Skye's sketches here.) 


I’d encourage you to look around her website to check out all her work but since I’m a self-confessed dog nut, it’s her pet work that I think you just have to check out first! Simply follow this link to see a whole load of cute dogs, cats and other animals : 

She’s also a really great writer too so check out her blog while you’re there. Her latest blog post has a particularly gorgeous puppy…I’m just saying :) :  AND

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