Your dog wants you to be fitter!


I know there are times when the pouring rain or freezing snow make it tempting to skip that walk. I get it. Living in Canada, there are plenty of days when I wake up, take one look outside, and wonder whether I could avoid putting on my gloves, toque and ski jacket. 

Skye always has a different idea though. One look at that snow and she WANTS that walk! So now it’s not just my gloves, toque and ski jacket I have to put on. It’s her boots to protect her pads, and her jacket to protect her from the windchill. It’s not a quick process, but it’s well worth the effort.

Depending on the breed of your 4-legged friend, skipping that walk could lead to boredom…and a bored pet can quickly become a destructive one. Dogs need stimulation. For us it may just be a walk - perhaps it’s more of a hike - in the forest, mountains or valleys, but wherever it takes place, for your pup it’s an adventure. It’s time out with their pack leader to explore new terrain, discover new smells, and check out new sights.


Not to mention the health benefits for you as well of course. Your pup may just be the motivation you need to fulfil those fitness goals you’ve been putting off for so long. I know that snooze button seems tempting on those cold winter mornings. But try repeatedly hitting that snooze button when each time your hand flies out to hit it, a paw comes flying back to wake you up. There’s no longer an excuse, and the best thing about it…it won’t even feel like a workout. It’s just the responsibility of being a puppy parent, with all the benefits of a cardio workout in the fresh air! It’s the gym membership with all the added benefits of bonding with your pup. 

Dogs experience increased endorphin levels after excercise just the same as us, so don’t be surprised if your new activity leads to a very happy, playful and grateful little pup!

I’d love to hear about your adventures with your own pups! For Skye and me it's normally all throughout the stunning Kananaskis Valley.