Hugh the adorable Mastiff Cross

I want to tell you about Hugh. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I love working with the awesome volunteers over at Underdogs Rescue. Well, now they really need your help. Or rather Hugh does.

This is Hugh…


Yeah...he's pretty adorable. Just look at those big puppy-dog eyes! Jade (the President of Underdogs Rescue) let me in on the details behind those sad eyes. It turns out that Hugh has a few problems right now. He has something called Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. If that's not something you've heard of before, don't's not just you! In basic terms it means that the red blood cells that are meant to carry oxygen around Hugh's body are being destroyed by his immune system just as quickly as they are being produced.


Unfortunately. Hugh's problems don't stop there. He was also given Tylenol when he was just a little puppy which caused him to have some liver damage.

The combination of these two issues means that Hugh has very little by way of an immune system. He can't be vaccinated yet, or proceed to surgery. Treating him is becoming a real struggle and the only solution has been to keep him on immunosuppressants. Fighting off simple bacteria is a problem for Hugh and it's caused his skin to become infected.

Underdogs Rescue helps dogs like Hugh all year but their funds are running low. I therefore want to help you help them.

For each full photography session booked with me until March 31, 2018, I am going to donate $100 to Underdogs Rescue. All you need to do is mention this blog post when booking and I will add $100 to the donation to help dogs like Hugh get better.

And don't let this cold weather put you off! The sessions can be taken any time up until the end of the summer so book now for your winter, spring or summer session and Hugh will send you hundreds of virtual licks to say thanks!

It's also not too late to pick up your 2018 Underdogs Calendar!