What's in a name?

No two dogs are the same. Each come with their own individual personalities that make them the pup that you know and love. For such a unique character, any old name just won’t do.


If you’re struggling for inspiration though, the guys over at rover.com compiled a survey of the most popular dogs names from 2017. They’ll even work out what your name would have been if you had been born a dog (mine is Sam in case you were wondering!) You can get your own dog name right here : https://www.rover.com/my-dog-name/?ref=blog


But…your pup still needs their own perfect name. You’re gonna be calling it enough after all. As your new ball of fur chews on your favourite pair of shoes, steals that sausage left unattended, or conveniently loses her hearing at the sight of something far more interesting than you, you better make sure you’re happy calling that name at the top of your voice!

rover.com reveals that the top male names in 2017 were Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Jack, Rocky, Oliver, Bear, Duke, and Tucker. The female names you are most likely to hear at the dog park are Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Luna, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Maggie, Bailey and Sophie.


44% of all dog names are actually human names too. Powerful woman are doing well with names like Oprah, Madonna and Katniss up 21%. Even the name Atwood rocketed up 200% following the Handmaid’s Tale. Game of Thrones gets a look in too with names such as Snow, Arya and Khalessi rising by 12%. And perhaps unsurprisingly Star Wars gets a 70% increase with Finn, Luke, Leia and Rey becoming the top Star Wars inspired names in the galaxy. On the more obscure side, the name “11” is up 166% following Stranger Things. Even favourite destinations are inspiring puppy parents with Sydney, Dallas, Rio, Phoenix and Savannah getting engraved on dog tags throughout the country. (The full article can be found at https://www.rover.com/blog/2017-top-100-dog-names/ if you want to read more!)


Naming your pup after your favourite character from a film or show as big as Star Wars, Stranger Things, or Game of Thrones seems pretty safe. Those names should have staying-power for some time yet! 

If you’re looking for something a little different though…I have you covered. Here’s a few of the more unique names I came across while reading up on doggie names. Some are a little out there…but then you wanted a unique name right?!

The first may not actually be that unusual anymore. In 2016 I think it would have seemed pretty unique. With the release of Coco and the breakout hairless star, I’m guessing we’ll see a lot more Dante’s in 2018 though.

How about…Pixel, Raven, Alize, Bismark, Aspen, Caspian, Buga, Gizmo, Capo, Erebus, Juniper, Mojo, Odin, Mac, Weston, Zeke, Lupin, Casper, Nyla, Hashtag, Melon, Romo, Maui, Kahuna, Tonka, Zazu, Rafael, Noodle, Bucky, Saroshi, Kai, Blue, Yogi, Deion, Raisin, Nacho, Raider, Collette, Reno, Catia, Scout or Moose.

If your pup has a name that you think might be truly one-of-a-kind, post it here in the comments. I’d love to see your creativity!

Pictures in this post are dogs currently looking for a new name (and a new home!) at Cochrane and Area Humane Society!