Frequently Asked Questions

Gorgeous dog running through water in pink coat.jpg

There are certain questions that we get asked a lot…so let’s answer them right away!

Q: There’s no way my dog will stay still. Will that be okay?

A: That's not a problem at all...honestly, it's really not!

Beagle running through the snow with all four paw off the ground

As fast as they are, I assure you my camera is faster! I shoot with a lightning quick lens, at a shutter speed that could capture a formula 1 race car in perfect focus. Even if you have a greyhound...I promise I can capture their picture. I need less than 1/1000th of a second of stillness to capture a picture for you. 

And if they want to run...well action shots can be cool too!

Q: My dog is so shy or afraid of people. This can’t work for us right?

A: I totally get it. Maybe they are a rescue and you have no idea what happened to them before you gave them a new home. Maybe they've had a bad experience more recently. Maybe they're just super cautious. Whatever their history, I can work with them.

That could simply be using one of my many lenses to stay a distance away that your pup is comfortable with. I can ZOOM in and still get beautiful images for you.

I volunteer regularly with 3 rescue centres here in Alberta and I've had a dog in my life since I was just 6 months old. I therefore have encountered all sorts of dogs throughout my life. I have an excellent understanding of dog body language, and will use all the knowledge I've accumulated to make sure your pup feels comfortable and ready to be a star!

Q: My dog is not as easy-going as some dogs you photograph. In fact…they’re very reactive and CANNOT be near dogs/people. Is that okay?

A:  No problem - location is so key to getting the beautiful image that you want, but we'll be able to find the perfect spot for your pup. I have so many options for great locations that I'm confident we'll find a secluded spot you are happy with. 

Q: Do you only photograph dogs that are perfectly trained?

A: No… not at all. This is one of the biggest concerns pet parents seem to have. They are embarrassed at having to bring their mischievous little pup to a photo session. I promise you, whatever “challenges” your pup has, I’ve seen worse.

Photograph of dog showing leash still in picture
Photograph of dog showing leash removed

Q: My dog can absolutely not be off leash. Is that going to ruin the pictures?

A: No - not having your dog run for the mountains, never to be seen again, is of course the most important thing! If they need to stay on a leash - I can work with that for sure. Through magic (otherwise known as photoshop) that leash will disappear quicker than a cooked chicken left unattended and within the reach of a sneaky paw.