The Dog with a Bow Photography


(subject to change)



Due at the time of booking to secure the date for your session and includes:

  • Up to 90 minutes of photography

  • A location in Calgary, Cochrane or Kananaskis Country

  • Up to 2 dogs (additional dogs just $50 each)

  • The professional editing of at least 25 images to choose from


  • A personal viewing session to review the session images.


Everyone loves a free gift, right?

We don't sell digital files BUT we do gift them with the purchase of our Signature Products!


For every $500 spent on Signature Products - our gift to you is 5 high resolution digital files (printable up to 16" by 24") supplied on an engraved wooden USB (up to a maximum of 25 digital files)

When you spend $3,500 or more on Signature Products - as an added bonus, we’ll also include in your free gift our engraved wooden print box filled with 15 of your favourite images as fine-art 5” by 7” prints (a value of $825).

For example :

Spend $595 on Signature Products and receive 5 high resolution digital files on an engraved wooden USB.

Spend $1, 220 on Signature Products and receive 10 high resolution digital files on an engraved wooden USB.

Spend $2, 500 and receive 25 high resolution digital files and 15 of those images as 5” by 7” fine-art prints presented in our engraved wooden print box.


After your session you will have the choice of products from our current Product Guide. The below options are subject to change but are current as of today’s date.


Starting from $475

Our unique, one-of-a-kind barn-wood framed prints come in a choice of finishes, and mats, with enclosed backing and ready to hang straight out of the box. 

Small Breed Dog on red sidewalk with sparkly lights.jpg


Starting from $495

Printed on 1/2" thick maple surfaced wood board, with the texture and grain of the wood coming through the surface of the print for a truly unique look.

Premium Canvas Wrap of beagle dog in grass.jpg

Premium Canvas Wrap

Starting from $475

1.25” thick, mounted on a wooden core with a fully enclosed dust cover back and all the hardware installed to hang straight out of the box.

Modern Acrylic of a cattle dog in the snow.jpg


Starting from $650

Vibrant and modern face mounted acrylics, 1/4" thick, with stainless posts, and complete with all hanging hardware required to get your favourite image up where it belongs.

Modern Metal Print of a Dog in fall leaves.jpg


Starting from $650

Vibrant colours infused onto metal sheets, mounted on 2mm black styrene and mounted on a black float frame for easy hanging.

Double Float Metal Print of a Bernese Mountain Dog on wet rocks.jpg


Starting from $1395

A metal print floated 1/2" off the surface of a second, larger metal print, creating a frame and a stunning 3D piece of vibrant art.


Acrylic Block

5x7 | $245

The same vibrant and modern look of our acrylics in a handy desk size version. Mounted to 1" thick plexiglass with hand polished edges.


Starting from $125 for one 8x12 print

Professional quality prints with a choice of finishes and optional textures mounted on 2mm styrene for additional durability

engraved wooden print boxes

Starting from $500 for box + 5 prints

Mounted 5x7 prints on 2mm styrene presented in an engraved wooden print box personalised with your dog’s name



8x10 Hardback Session Photobook (containing 20 images) | $750

10x10 Hardback Luxury Session Album (containing 20 images) | $1, 250

12x12 Hardback Luxury Session Album (containing up to 25 images) $1, 750

Our custom designed photobooks and albums feature a deluxe leather or linen cover (or your favourite image as a photo-wrapped cover.) Session Albums are printed on beautiful lay flat pages.


There are a number of questions that we get asked a lot...

  1. Do you only photograph dogs that are perfectly trained?

  2. There’s no way my dog will stay still. Will that be okay?

  3. My dog is so shy or afraid of people. This can’t work for us right?

  4. My dog is not as easy-going as some dogs you photograph. In fact…they’re very reactive and CANNOT be near dogs/people. Is that okay?

  5. My dog can absolutely not be off leash. Is that going to ruin the pictures?

  6. What are the hidden fees?

  7. Where do we do the photos?

Q: There’s no way my dog will stay still. Will that be okay?

A: That's not a problem at all...honestly, it's really not!

As fast as they are, I assure you my camera is faster! I shoot with a lightning quick lens, at a shutter speed that could capture a formula 1 race car in perfect focus. Even if you have a greyhound...I promise I can capture their picture. I need less than 1/1000th of a second of stillness to capture a picture for you. 

And if they want to run...well action shots can be cool too!


Q: My dog is so shy or afraid of people. This can’t work for us right?

A: I totally get it. Maybe they are a rescue and you have no idea what happened to them before you gave them a new home. Maybe they've had a bad experience more recently. Maybe they're just super cautious. Whatever their history, I can work with them.

That could simply be using one of my many lenses to stay a distance away that your pup is comfortable with. I can ZOOM in and still get beautiful images for you.

I volunteer regularly with 3 rescue centres here in Alberta and I've had a dog in my life since I was just 6 months old. I therefore have encountered all sorts of dogs throughout my life. I have an excellent understanding of dog body language, and will use all the knowledge I've accumulated to make sure your pup feels comfortable and ready to be a star!

Q: My dog is not as easy-going as some dogs you photograph. In fact…they’re very reactive and CANNOT be near dogs/people. Is that okay?

A:  No problem - location is so key to getting the beautiful image that you want, but we'll be able to find the perfect spot for your pup. I have so many options for great locations that I'm confident we'll find a secluded spot you are happy with. 

Q: Do you only photograph dogs that are perfectly trained?

A: No… not at all. This is one of the biggest concerns pet parents seem to have. They are embarrassed at having to bring their mischievous little pup to a photo session. I promise you, whatever “challenges” your pup has, I’ve seen worse.

Q: My dog can absolutely not be off leash. Is that going to ruin the pictures?

A: No - not having your dog run for the mountains, never to be seen again, is of course the most important thing! If they need to stay on a leash - I can work with that for sure. Through magic (otherwise known as photoshop) that leash will disappear quicker than a cooked chicken left unattended and within the reach of a sneaky paw.



Q: What are the hidden fees?

A: They’re aren't any. I hate it when that happens too. I therefore want you to know exactly what you are paying for up front. If you are lucky enough to have more than 2 dogs, I can only imagine how much time you spend fighting for a space on the couch! You deserve a discount on those extra pooches so additional dogs are just $50 each (for up to 4 dogs from the same household.)

Do you have more than 4 dogs? Wow...good for you! Send me a quick email to 1) explain how you do it :) and 2) to get a custom quote.

The $295 Session Fee covers up to 2 dogs but if you want to more of a family shoot with a variety of shots, some with just the dog (s) and some with the whole family, people can be added for just $50 each.

Q: Where do we do the photos?

A: Well, I have a number of great locations in and around Calgary, Cochrane and Kananaskis Country for you to choose from. However if you had somewhere else in mind then that’s not a problem. Just let me know where you were thinking and I’d be happy to provide you with a quote for travel. I’ve photographed in locations including Costa Rica, London, UK, and the US, and am happy to travel anywhere to photograph dogs!