If you requested a Session Guide we'll get that over to you quicker than a puppy stealing a strip of bacon.

A Little About Me


And I mean a little! Your session is all about your dog. I'm just the guy making weird noises to get that oh-so-awesome head tilt!

Here's the super quick breakdown though - My name is Paul. I got my first dog when I was a baby - a gorgeous springer spaniel - and we were inseparable. My mom tells a story of trying to tell me off for something bad I did at 3 years old (I probably took an ice cream from the freezer without asking), and my loyal, protective puppy, just sat between me and my mom, letting out a soft warning growl whenever she tried to raise her voice to tell me off. My mom gave up in the end and I probably shared that ice cream with my springer!

I wouldn't do that now of course...

I'll get back to you to answer your questions asap. If you think of anything else you wanted to ask, feel free to reach out to me below.

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